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Ich war hier: TinyCore

TinyCore Linux

eine minimalistisch Linux-Distribution, die nur im RAM sitzt

A. Einige Grundfunktionen / Befehle:
Nachstehend werden die wichtigsten Infos / Befehle gelistet:

1. Standarddaten für den Login
username: tc
password: piCore

2. Persist current state to disk: -b

3. Where to specify additional default file locations for persistence:
4. Download and install packages:
tce-load -wi package_name.tcz
5. Show which packages are currently installed:
tce-status -i

6. Find current OS version info:

7. Search for and install packages with console UI:
8. Where to put your own startup and shutdown scripts:

9. Getting WiFi working
tce-load -wi wifi
the-load -wi firmware-rpi3-wireless

and set up a connection:
sudo -b

B. Funktionen für Fortgeschrittene

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